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Joined: 30 Sep 2004
Posts: 1654
Location: Penrith (where jacarandas remind me of change), New South Wales, Australia

PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 9:51 pm    Post subject: oh oh Reply with quote

rots ~ I'm about to weep...well, just a little! I write on two forums..each different and each a treasure for me...I was wondering about the plural of forum..perhaps fora? and then there's the gorgeous word "agora"..the marketplace of ancient Greece...oh oh I'm about to melt with joy at the image...the folds of marbled togas send me to some heaven or other...I could sit for days and drink them in...

thanks for the are indeed a special and most creative and exciting's a joy to share...

whenever I visit the forums (both) I come away enriched and for that I'm ...oh what the hell is a super duper way to say 'grateful' Wink

at present there is one of those really massive ongoing threads in the other forum...deep deep and a little deeper stuff....meaning of life stuff...ans soooooooooooooooooo beautifully intriguing ~ I love that time when all the fluff is stripped away and one is left with "golly, so THIS is how I see it all"....we're in that every moment is part of the necessary mosaic/jigsaw stuff...methinks the whole is complete at any given moment, yet at the same time is constantly expanding..

ok Joan, enought of this crossforuming...

enough to say that you've added a dose of joy to my day...merci and all the other thank you words of the universese...and beyond..

hugs from Oz...on this sticky day with ghastly bushfires in South Australia...

and as for the sometimes postings...there's a Dan Berrigan quote I love "the asceticism of the long haul"....there are times I go to ground as it were...I've a friend who somehow or other senses it...once I recieved a delightful card from her saying ..."welcome back" ~ the glass is raised yet again...
"I've never accepted the external appearance of things as the whole truth. The world is much more elaborate than the nerves of our eye can tell us." - James Gleeson
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