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Scissors in the Kitchen?
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rainey wrote:
Bea- The pic of your Hoosier cabinet didn't come thru for me the first time. I'm so glad it did the second time. That one is very deluxe indeed. The ones I've seen before seemed to have glass doors and big, rounded off metal hoppers for the flour and sugar instead of those nifty glass jars that look much easier to clean.
The ones you've seen, Rainey, were the early prototypes. Think of the HUGE development cell phones have gone through in the past ten years: from mere talking devices to actual camera/video/game/personal organizer cell phones now!

Rainey wrote:
I first became acquainted with the concept when I was collecting miniature scale furniture. I've marveled at them every since and, as a baker, I'd just love to own one or have the space for one in the kitchen. In fact, it's sorta amazing that someone hasn't revived the idea and applied it to the high-end custom cabinets that are so highly specialized these days.
Here's a link of an actual company that reproduces Hoosier cabinets from scratch! They start at around $2500, which if you consider how hard it is to find an old one, is a good price.

Rainey wrote:
I was going to say that a Hoosier cabinet is to the kitchen what a Wooten desk is to the office. I'm guessing they come from roughly the same period (though I was amazed to think of the Hoosiers still in production up to the 40's).
Kitchens have gone through very little change through out the years, up until the suburban boone of the early 1950's. Before that, almost everything was 'piece-meal' and your kitchen was only as good as the stuff you brought into it when you moved. Built-in kitchens are only about 60 years old, for the common man.

Rainey wrote:
Anyway, thanks for the image. We may need to invent a new concept just for you: instead of the "bon mot" I think you may be the local master of the "bonne image". You always come up with a good one! Wink
Thanks, Rainey! My background on the Net is in very image-saturated sites, and I've learned from the best! I just think posts are so much more interesting with a little bit of energy and zip to them. And you know what they say, "A photo is worth a thousand words." Imagine how drawn out my posts would be without them....Oy-vay!!
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